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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Our existing customers who purchased subscription plan which can be monthly/quarterly/yearly or any other modified plan as per the agreement with company can stop its services with the company at any time as per the terms and conditions prescribed by the company.

Terms of cancellation policy is as follows:

1. Customers who want to cancel its subscription plan should intimate the company via email, mobile application if any, login portal or a telephonic call as per their suitability.

2. Company will refund the money only after deducting the amount for which such customer uses the services of company. Company will also deduct all the expenses which were incurred by the company at the beginning of providing the plan as well as during the continuity of the plan.

3. After choosing the cancellation policy balance amount calculated after considering all the facts and terms of company can only be paid in the bank details provided by the customer at the time of making application for cancellation of policy or by any other criteria mentioned by the company. Refund can only be initiated within 90 days after completing all the steps of cancellation policy and verification by the company.

4. If company have a view that such event of cancellation of subscription plan is deliberately done to deceive, to gain undue advantage, to obtain an unjust or illegal advantage or have intent to injure the interests of the company then in such case company will deny for such refund or cancellation of services served by the company.

5. Final decision of refund initiation is only with the company after considering all the facts and consequences. Applicant is bind with the decision of company